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  • Follow this link if you are interested in renting a calculator from the math department.

Calculator Instruction Manuals

Links to Calculator Help

  • An unoffical site about TI graphing calculators - If you want to find out which calculators are recommended for different types of users, then visit this website. It contains different TI graphing calculator models and the individual capabilities of each model. You will find answers to most frequently asked questions about TI graphing calculators including programming, linking to computers and general usage. Also, you can access tutorials to help you learn programming.
  • Education from Texas Instruments - It introduces new educational resources and support programs for TI users. This site displays different centers that you can visit directly based on your needs. They are categorized as educator, students, parents, developers, educational technology, teaching resources, and professional development. Also, it has a site entitled T3 online, a newly developed series of classes available online. This online course explores beginning algebra concepts using the TI-83 series graphing calculator with computer technology.
  • Finance Math Calculators - it displays various finance math calculators that you can use to calculate mortgage payments, amortizations, or if you want to find out how much loan you quality for based on your income, and if you want to determine which loan is cheaper. If you want to compare the costs of renting a residence and buying a house, then visit this interesting website.
  • Unit Conversion - Website that does unit conversion.